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What’s Artpothecary?

May 3, 2021

The Artpothecary is a kaleidoscopic universe with Maestro Dobel’s vigorous pursuit of discovery at its heart. A celebration of Mexico’s contemporary art scene, it is brought to life through multi-sensory live exhibitions and virtual experiences that blend Mexico’s long-standing traditions with modernity. Elevating Mexico’s most prominent artists – their work, influences, and processes – the Artpothecary showcases the wealth of creativity found in Mexican culture. Maestro Dobel is the distillation of 11 generations of Tequila masters. It is a lineage of movers and shakers who embarked on lifelong journeys to fulfill their fascination with innovation and experimentation and, ultimately, pushed the boundaries of their artistry. The ever-evolving Artpothecary offers a remedy to this intrigue by expanding this long-standing, all-encompassing curiosity to the world of contemporary art.

Each year, the Artpothecary will collaborate with an artist partner to evoke a mesmerizing vision in which unique events and digital experiences can flourish. This year, the Artpothecary’s collaborators include leading UK creative experiential designers Bompas & Parr, whose tantalizing concept ‘The Fruit Chemist’ is the genesis for all the Artpothecary’s activity in 2021. Founder and Managing Director of contemporary art platform Anónimo Colectivo, Alejandra Martínez, is the Artpothecary’s Creative Director; Eduardo Sarabia, a Los Angeles-born artist of Mexican heritage, and Orly Anan, a Colombian-Israeli visual artist based in Mexico City, are the Artpothecary’s Artist Partners; and world-renowned Founder and Head Chef of Dulce Patria in Mexico City, Martha Ortiz, is the Artpothecary’s Hospitality Partner. Making its debut at Frieze New York and continuing onwards to Frieze Los Angeles, the Artpothecary’s inaugural centerpiece is an exotic cocktail dispensary entitled ‘The Fruit Chemist.’ Masterminded by Bompas & Parr, The Fruit Chemist is an extraordinary mixological exploration of ‘Art & Fruit.’ Its design borrows from the golden age of Soda Fountains, which were installed in apothecaries to serve delightful moments of refreshment to thirsty customers. Rare and unusual pairings will rejuvenate those seeking The Fruit Chemist; a prescription of Mexican fruits, complimented with Maestro Dobel Tequila, and sipped amongst an immersive and progressive space inspired by Mexico’s magnificent art and hospitality. Digital audiences will be captivated by a sublime series of online programs, from eye-opening photography to delicious recipes, and virtual tastings.

Eduardo Sarabia’s site-specific installation ‘The Passenger’ will debut at the site-specific public exhibition Desert X, staged in Southern California’s Coachella Valley. Described as a ‘tribute to travel’, the compelling labyrinth-style installation is an homage to the change, growth, and evolution of humans. More announcements from the Artpothecary’s acclaimed collaborators are still to come.

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