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May 3, 2021

Martínez’s passion for developing the Mexican art scene is unrivaled.

In 2015, she founded Anónimo Colectivo, a rule-breaking platform that introduced an auction model to level the artistic playing field by selling work anonymously; each artist revealed only after the hammer comes down. It’s a bold, razor-sharp vision that has carved out a niche within a name obsessed art world, whose focus is far too often on the celebrity behind the work rather than the artwork itself. Most importantly, Martínez’s radical mindset reminds the art world of its roots, forcing us to appreciate the value of a work beyond its bottom dollar. This year, Alejandra Martínez brings her expert eye and knowledge of the contemporary Mexican art scene to the Maestro Dobel Artpothecary as its Creative Director. Below, she speaks about artistic discovery, the importance of authenticity, and shares the Mexican, Latin American, and LatinX artists currently on her radar.

Why are you excited to work with Maestro Dobel on this project? What parallels can you draw between your values and interests?

Alejandra Martínez: First of all, I truly consider Maestro Dobel to be one of the best tequilas in the world, and I’m from Guadalajara, Jalisco, so that is a true statement. But I also believe the Artpothecary is the perfect example of a global brand’s power to create a space for a multi-sensory artistic experience that can leave such a positive footprint on our current social thread. I love how they are willing to push boundaries and activate artistic interventions and collaborations in bold and colorful ways. In today’s pandemic world, both digital and social interactions must have true content and deep thought from their very origin. Time and presence have become such a luxury that we need to offer an experience that values this.

Can you tell us about the details of your collaboration with Maestro Dobel?

Alejandra Martínez: I’m honored to have been invited to join this project as a Creative Director, which means I get the super fun job of exploring visual, performing, and video artists and ideas until we discover a fully integrated formula that combines the values of the brand, its commitment to mastery and innovation, and then not just how to express that, but how to feel it, taste it, and sense it in the most sincere and genuine way.

How does Mexico inspire your work in the art world?

Alejandra Martínez: I love Mexico. The more I travel, the more I love my country. It has such true richness and such real roots. This is why we have so much folklore and traditions and colors and textures that bring such depth and value to our everyday lives. We have very complex political, economic, and social challenges, but we are a joyful country, a faithful country, and you can see it and breathe it as soon as you land in it. The energy is contagious; we experience life to the fullest, even in its dangers. This is why it’s no surprise to witness such amazing quality of art. Not just from contemporary artists but artisans and all kinds of handmade craftsmanship. It’s such an honor to work with Mexican talent for a campaign.

Why are initiatives like the Artpothecary essential to help expand awareness of the Mexican art scene?

Alejandra Martínez: Initiatives like Dobel Artpothecary help to champion the Mexican art scene through its power to activate what might be below the line and shine a light on it authentically and globally. I find it inspiring that a brand like Maestro Dobel is willing to explore its roots through such edgy channels of creativity.

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