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April 30, 2021

Colombian-Israeli visual artist, artistic and creative director, Orly Anan’s art is grounded in a  force larger than itself. Instilled in mythicism and found in everyday life, her art intersects with pop culture, ritual, and Anthropocosmic Surrealism. She is a self-described ‘romantic dreamer’ deeply inspired by other cultures, especially Asia and Latin America, and Anan currently calls Mexico City home. Anan thrives on disrupting the spaces around her by transforming them into a melting pot of her worldly and wide-reaching influences. As the  Artpothecary’s Artistic Collaborator, Anan will architecture two unique universes inspired by the ‘alchemy and tradition’ of Maestro Dobel. Below, Anan speaks about how Mexico influences her art, the power of tradition, and what to expect from her artistic collaboration.

Why are you excited to work with Maestro Dobel on this project? And what parallels can you draw between your values and interests?

Orly Anan: It’s a great opportunity to create a balanced dialogue between portraying a  process that is as artisan and complex as Maestro Dobel, and translating it into a powerful image full of symbolism, while still respecting tradition.

What will we see from your collaboration with Maestro Dobel?

Orly Anan: I will create two wonderful universes inspired by the Artpothecary, alchemy, and the tradition of Maestro Dobel. These universes will evoke the viewer to immerse themselves into the world of rare and exoctic Mexican fruits that Maestro Dobel is tapping into this year to build its Artpothecary campaign.

How does Mexico inspire your work as an artist?

Orly Anan: Mexico is one of the countries that has most marked my career as a visual artist,  its colors, textures, and tradition are as infinite as the stars. Mexico is the place where I have been most happy.

What aspects of contemporary Mexican culture will you draw upon with your collaboration with Maestro Dobel?

Orly Anan: The idea is to always continue experimenting with the contrasts between tradition, pop, and our times. For this reason, I feel that Mexican art provides the perfect vehicle to strike the right balance of tradition and a more experimental, modern side.

What do you hope people take from their experiences with your collaboration with Maestro Dobel?

Orly Anan: I hope with all my heart that people understand the synergies between the complexity of the artisan elaboration, and the ritual that is behind each bottle of Maestro  Dobel.





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